SogoTrade GP2T

* Limit orders have risks, such as non-execution. An order must be a non-marketable limit order to qualify for Get Paid to Trade payments. To qualify for $0 commissions, an order must be a non-penny stock limit order of: (1) 100 shares or greater; or (2) principal amount of $2,000 or more For more information, Click HERE.

Pricing and Credits

Stocks & ETFs Commission on Limit Orders* $0.00
  Credit (Payment) on qualified Limit Orders** $1.00 per 1000 shares
  Commission on qualified odd lot Limit Orders* $0.00
  Commission on Market Orders $2.88
  Commission on non-qualified odd lot orders* $2.88
  Commission on Over-The-Counter (OTC) $2.88
  Commission on Penny Stocks*** See below
  Broker-Assisted Commission $25.00
Options Commission $0.00
  Contract Fee 50¢
  Broker-Assisted Commission $25 + 50¢/Contract
Mutual Funds Broker-Assisted Commission $25.00
Fixed Income
Treasuries, Corporate Bonds,
and Certificates of Deposit
Broker-Assisted Commission $30 + $1.00 per bond, $250 maximum
Cryptocurrency Trading fee **** See below

* The order generally must be 100 shares or greater (not an odd lot order), otherwise a $2.88 commission rate applies. Odd lot limit orders qualify for the $0 commission if the principal amount of each order is $2,000 or more.

** To receive credit (payment) for limit orders the following terms apply:

  • Get Paid to Trade (GP2T) credit will be paid on every qualified limit order (both buys and sells) ($0.001 per share) executed during regular market hours and the order size is 100 shares or more. GP2T credit will not be paid during extended hours trading sessions.
  • For BUY Orders: The filled order must be received at the market center at least one penny below the ask
  • For SELL Orders: The filled order must be received in the market center at least one penny above the bid
  • The Get Paid to Trade credit is paid in One Cent increments only – no fraction of a penny will be paid. (For example, if a qualified limit order mathematically earns a $10.258 credit, the customer will receive a credit of $10.25.)
  • Note: A trade placed by a client may comply with the limit order qualifications at the time it is placed but may not qualify for the GP2T credit when executed due to price movements. In this instance, although no credit will be paid, the $0 commission will still apply

*** For stocks priced under $1 the commission charge is $2.88 PLUS the greater of $0.0003 per share (Maximum 5% of principal) OR 0.25 % of the principal amount of the trade.
**** Cryptocurrency trading fees are the greater of $1 or 1% of the trade value. Account related fees may apply to your SogoTrade account. Cryptocurrency trading is backed by Bakkt.
Please read the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options before you apply for option privileges.

Margin Rates & Terms

Margin Balance Margin Rates Effective Rate
$1 million+ BASE – 2.25% 9.75%
$500,000 - $999,999 BASE – 1.75% 10.25%
$250,000 - $499,999 BASE – 1.25% 10.75%
$100,000 - $249,999 BASE – 0.75% 11.25%
$50,000 - $99,999 BASE + 0.50% 12.50%
$10,000 - $49,999 BASE + 1.50% 13.50%
$0 - $9,999 BASE + 2.50% 14.50%

SogoTrade base rate is 12% (as of 7/27/2023)
Subject to change without notice.
( Margin interest rates will vary according to the dollar amount of the debit balance and the current base rate. SogoTrade will consider industry conditions related to credit, commercially recognized interest rates and the availability of liquidity in the marketplace when determining its base rate.)

Margin Call Descriptions

Call Type Due Date (business days) Trigger Event
Required Maintenance (RM) T+2 Total equity becomes insufficient to cover the equity maintenance requirements of the positions in the account.  RM call can be met by closing positions and/or making a deposit
Reg T (RT) T+4 (Equities) T+2 (Options) Exceed overnight buying power in a MARGIN account. Preferably met by a new deposit but ultimately can be met by closing positions.
Day Trade (DT) T+4 Open a new position in excess of the day trade buying power and close the position on the same day.  DT call can only be met by new deposit.
Equity Maintenance (EM)


Total equity in a Pattern Day Trader (PDT) account falls below $25,000.  A PDT account cannot day trade while in an EM call.
Money Due (MD) T+4

Exceed overnight buying power in a CASH account.  Also known as a cash call.

Note: Any subsequent calls may be due T=1
T+# = Transaction date plus number of business days

Special & Miscellaneous Service Fees

Account Maintenance


Digital Statements


Digital Trade Confirms


Digital Prospectus


Digital Tax Documents




ACH Transfer


Regular Check Withdrawal (Domestic/Foreign)


Overnight Check Withdrawal (Domestic / International)


Outgoing Wire Transfers (Domestic)


Returned ACH Fee


Outgoing Wire Transfers (Foreign)


Returned Wire / Amendment


Returned Checks


Stop Payment




IRA Set-up Fee


IRA Annual Fee




IRA Termination Fee


Trust Company Account Fee


Annual Administrative Fee


Termination Fee




Paper Confirm Fee


Paper Statement Fee


Paper Prospectus Fee – Domestic


Paper Prospectus Fee – Foreign


Paper Tax Statement


Paper Proxy


Duplicate Paper Charge


Return Mail Fee

$5 each item



Incoming ACAT Transfer (Full / Partial)


Outgoing ACAT Transfer (Full / Partial)


DTC Transfer In/Out (Per Security)


DRS Transfer In (Per Security)


DWAC Transfer In (Per Security)


DRS / DWAC Rejection Fee


TOD Account Transfer Fee


Regulatory Fees


SEC Fee 1

See Footnote

TAF (Trading Activity Fee) 2

See Footnote

Foreign Ordinary Security Fee 3


Warrant Fee


Options Regulatory Fee 4

See Footnote

Proprietary Index Option Fee5


ADR Fee 6

$0.01 - 0.1/share

Miscellaneous Fees


Non-transferable Securities

$20/mo. Per CUSIP

Worthless Security Removal Fee (Per Security)


Voluntary reorganizations


Account Closing Fee


Account Verification Fee


Locate / Deactivate Account (Mandated if missing for 2 years)


Lost Customer Locate Fee (Mandated if physical mail returned twice within 6 months)

$10 per locate

Legal Items


Physical Trade Fee


Other Trade Fees


Low-Priced Security Fee 7

See Footnote

Option OCC Clearing fee

$0.02 per contract

Options Expiration Management


$25 plus 50¢

per contract

Option Exercise/Assignment Fee


Margin Sellout/Short Force Buy-in Fee


1. SEC Fee: Under Section 31 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, U.S. national securities exchanges are obligated to pay transaction fees to the SEC based on the volume of securities that are sold on their markets. Exchange rules require their broker-dealer members to pay a share of these fees who, in turn, pass the responsibility of paying the fees to their customers. Only applies to sell transactions and appears on the trade confirmation as: “FEES”. (More Information) As of February 22, 2024, the SEC Fee rate is $27.80 for every $1,000,000 in sale proceeds.

2. Trading Activity Fee (TAF): The TAF fee is only applicable when selling a security.  As of January 1, 2024, the rate is$0. 000166 per share (up to $8.30 max per trade) for covered equity security.  $0.00279 per contract when selling options. $0.00105 per bond (up to $1.05 max per trade) for Trace-Eligible Security (Other than Asset-Backed Security) or municipal security.

3. Foreign Ordinary Security Fee: SogoTrade charges an additional $5 fee per transaction for foreign ordinary securities that trade on the U.S. OTC Pink Sheet markets. Typically, these securities trade under 5 letter stock symbols ending in the letter ‘F’. These are also commonly referred to as ‘F’ shares and the fee as an ‘F share fee’. Although these stocks trade on the U.S. markets and are quoted in U.S. dollars, the actual settlement of a foreign ordinary security trade occurs in the local market in which the company is registered and in that country’s currency.

4. Options Regulatory Fee (ORF): The following options exchanges assess an Options Regulatory Fee (referred to as the “ORF fee”) on options transactions executed by its members that clear in the customer range at Options Clearing Corporation (“OCC”) regardless of the marketplace of execution. Applies to both buys and sells and appears on the trade confirmation as “OPTION FEES.” As of January 2nd, 2024, the aggregate rate is $0.02685 per contract.

5. Proprietary Index Option Fees: here are some index option products which are proprietary and listed on a single exchange. Exchanges charge extra fees to trade these products. To offset the exchange fees incurred for trading these products, SogoTrade also charges a per contract fee on these products. This charge will appear in your SogoTrade trade ticket at the time of trade.

6. ADR Fees: ADR agents that sponsor American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) are permitted to charge the ADR holder an annual custody fee. The fee is administered through the Depository Trust Company (DTC). If the ADR pays a dividend, the annual custody fee can be deducted from that or DTC will pass through a separate annual custody fee, the same way it does when the ADR does not pay a dividend. In that case, the annual fee will be posted to your account by our clearing firm. The per share fee and the date the fee posts annually will differ by ADR and is determined by the ADR agent. The ADR fee is anywhere between $0.01 and $0.10 per ADR share held.

7. Low-Priced Security Fee: Applicable to both purchases and sales of stock priced less than $1.00 / share. The fee rate is the greater of $0.0003 per share (5% of principal maximum) OR 0.25% of the principal amount of the trade.

Other relevant terms: Online order entry for OTC stocks priced less than $1 is limited to 1,000,000 shares or $500,000 (250,000 shares or $2.5 million for Listed stocks). Orders exceeding our online maximums are subject to the $25 broker-assisted commission rate, plus the low-priced security fee if applicable, when they are phoned into the Trade Desk.

Good Until Date (GTD) orders, partially executed over multiple trading days, are subject to separate commission charges for each trading day.

For Stocks priced under $1, $100 minimum investment (principal) required per opening transaction.

Penny Stocks: OTCBB and Pink Sheets may incur additional transaction fees based on DTC charges. These charges can be substantial, so they may be blocked from online trading. In this case, please contact the Trade Desk for more information.

DTC transfer in/out fee is $25 plus the pass through fee. Non-DTC items and/or physical trade fees are $300-$600.

As displayed on the trade confirmation, Tran Fee may include the SEC fee, TAF fee, and Option Regulatory Fee. Each fee has a $0.01 minimum and is rounded up to the nearest penny. The TAF fee is calculated at the execution level and summed up by the order. Rounding may sometimes cause higher than expected fees.