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Prepaid Packages

Not active enough to qualify for $2.88 stock trades? No problem.
Buy SogoTrade's Prepaid Commission Packages to lower your rate to $3.88 or even $2.88 !

Prepaid Packages Package Details Package Cost
$2.88 Stock Trades 50 Trades x $2.88 Commission $144.00
$3.88 Stock Trades 20 Trades x $3.88 Commission $77.60
* Packages are good for 1 year after date of purchase Learn More ...

Options TRADES


Margin Rate and Fees

  SogoTrade TD Ameritrade E*trade Fidelity Charles Schwab
Margin Interest Rate on a $10,000 Debit Balance 9.75% 10.25% 10.50% 9.575% 9.575%
Margin Interest Rate on a $50,000 Debit Balance 8.75% 9% 9.75% 8.125% 8.125%
Margin Interest Rate on a $200,000 Debit Balance 7.5% 8.75% 9.25% 8.075% 8.075%
Prices for competitors were obtained on 07/31, 2019. and are believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed.
Some of the firms listed above may reduce or waive commissions or fees, depending on account activity or total account value.

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