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  •  8 Spotlight Stocks and ETFs to consider, delivered via email daily before the market opens

  •  Includes both upside and downside price targets

  •  Content provided by a leading investment research provider

  •  100+ leading global financial institutions in 30 countries trust this research and rely upon it daily

  •  Spotlight selections have been chosen based on a methodology and backed by time-tested indicators

  •  The chartist and mathematical approaches taken satisfy various investment styles

SogoTrade, Inc. has served investors since 1986. And although we are known for our innovation , our real value is providing the help and support you need to achieve your investing and trading goals.

Here are some of the highlights:

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Get Paid to Trade disclosure statement: Not all limit orders will qualify for get paid to trade. Limit orders have risks, such as non-execution. Not all order types receive $0 commissions. For more information, click HERE

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