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  • *Limit orders have risks, such as non-execution. An order must be a non-marketable limit order to qualify for Get Paid to Trade payments. To qualify for $0 commissions, an order must be a non-penny stock limit order of: (1) 100 shares or greater; or (2) principal amount of $2,000 or more. For more information click HERE.

Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are baskets of investments that may contain stocks, bonds, and commodities. You can purchase hundreds of ETFs through SogoTrade.

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ETFs offer flexibility by trading throughout the trading day and are more diversified than a single stock position.


ETFs are traded on major equity exchanges and therefore can be easily bought and sold.


ETFs may contain hundreds of stocks.

ETF investing is subject to risk, up to potential loss of principal.


You can buy ETFs that track certain indices such as the S&P 500, that focus on certain market sectors or that seek specific goals such as income generation

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  • Nationwide Call Center
  •  US: 1-888-709-7646
  •  Outside US: 1-646-885-6594
  • Service Hours                    
  • Monday - Friday
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