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  • Not all limit orders will qualify for get paid to trade. Limit orders have risks, such as non-execution. Not all order types receive $0 commissions. For more information click HERE.

Margin Trading

With a SogoTrade margin account, you can borrow money to buy marginable securities, giving you up to twice the buying power of a traditional cash account.

Open New Margin Account

The securities held in your account are collateral for the loan, and you pay interest on the money you borrow. Margin can help your investment strategy as you gain access to more investment capital. However, there are some circumstances where a brokerage firm can force the sale of securities or other assets in your account(s). A margin accounts comes with risk, potentially exceeding the loss of principal, so read the disclosures and understand how margin trading works before you begin.

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Current SogoTrade Customers:

You Can Add Margin Trading to Your Account!

If you aren’t currently approved for Margin trading and would like to add this capability to your account, you can easily apply for such privileges. Go to “My Account” (Account Profile) and select Margin/Options Upgrade.

You will receive an email notification (usually within 1 business day of your application) with the decision regarding your account.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions. You can email us at [email protected] or call us at (646) 885-6486, Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM ET.

Margin Call Description

  •  Call Type (Acronym)
    Due Date in
    Business Days
       Trigger Event
  • Required Maintenance(RM) T+2* Total equity becomes insufficient to cover the equity maintenance requirements of the positions in the account. RM call can be met by closing positions and / or making a deposit.
    Reg T (RT) T+4*(Equities)
    Exceed overnight buying power (ONBP) in a MARGIN account. Preferably met by a new deposit, but ultimately can be met by closing positions.
    Day Trade (DT) T+4* Open a new position in excess of the day trade buying power (DTBP) and close the position on the same day. DT call can only be met by new deposit.
    Equity Maintenance (EM) T+4* Total equity in a Pattern Day Trader (PDT) account falls below $25,000. A PDT account cannot day trade while in an EM call.
    Money Due (MD) T+4* Exceed overnight buying power (ONBP) in a CASH account. Also known as a Cash Call.
  • *Note: Any subsequent calls may be due T=1.
    T + # = Transaction date plus number of business days

All commissions, fees and rates are subject to change.

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  • Nationwide Call Center
  •  US: 1-888-709-7646
  •  Outside US: 1-646-885-6594
  • Service Hours                    
  • Monday - Friday
  • 7am - 8pm ET